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PEVECERCA DO BRASIL was the pioneer company in the world in the manufacturing of fences employing the PVC, iron, and concrete assembly technique, with injected finishing.
We are still the owners of the trademark and patents for the manufacturing process of fences and enclosures.

Advantages of PVC

  • Lightweight (1.4g/cm³)

    Easy handling and installation.
  • Resistant to bad weather conditions

    Sun, rain, wind, and salty air.
  • Durable

    Construction site useful lifetime over 50 years.
  • Does not propagate flames

    It is self-extinguishable
  • Anti-fungal resistant

    Resistant to the effect from fungi, bacteria, insects, rodents, and most chemical reagents.
  • Recyclable and recycled

    Ecologically correct product.

Pevecerca Finishes

Flecha 25mm
Pirâmide 100mm
Pirâmide 75mm
Pirâmide 25mm
Pirâmide 80x80mm e 100x100mm
Pirâmide 70x50mm
Ponteira 32mm
Ponteira 25x25mm
Ponteira 20x25mm
Tampa reta 50x46mm
Tampa Pirâmide 80x80mm
Tampa Pirâmide 70x50mm
Tampa Pirâmide 50x46mm
Tampa70x50mm, 45º caída
Tampa 100mm externa
Tampa 75mm externa
Tampa 48mm interna
Tampa 48mm externa
Tampa 40mm externa
Tampa 32mm externa
Tampa 25x25mm interna
Tampa 25mm interna
Tampa 25mm externa
Tampa 20mm externa